Installation Instructions

Step 1

First, make a pilot hole at the center of bin rack. This will protect the wood from cracking.

Step 2

Place washer on top side of the strap and insert screw in pilot hole.

Step 3

Use a Phillips screwdriver to carefully turn the screw.

Step 4

Insert the screw until the washer presses down on the rubber strap. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN.

Important Suggestions

  • Be sure to create a pilot hole and center the screw hole on the bin rack to avoid cracking sides.
  • Consider using an angled cordless screwdriver for installations.
  • Use low speed with a cordless screwdriver
  • Consider using 2 CellarSecure straps for magnum bottles.


 Q. Are there any tests to show these protect against an earthquake?

A. The rubber straps are similar to another brand that is no longer available that tests were made public. What we do know is that it takes a considerable amount of force to snap the CellarSecure bands.

 Q.  Why do you need to make a pilot hole for the screw?

A.  We found that making a pilot hole will protect from potentially splitting the wood rack.

 Q. Why do you use a small washer?

A. The washer gently pushes down on the rubber strap. This protects the top of the rubber strap and protects the strap from being cut by the screw when being pulled.